Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I will NOT do

Here is a list of things I refuse to do while pregnant and after the birth. If any of you have done these, I certainly do not mean to offend you. I've just seen it repeated over and over and I simply will not continue the trend. These are in no particular order:

  1. Have a baby on board sign: I get it, you're excited about your newest addition rolling around with you in the car and that you are hoping this will compel other drivers to drive safely around you. Let me the first to tell you, this will do nothing to rectify bad drivers. They do not care in the least bit that there is a baby in there with you when wherever they are going is far more important than whatever obstacles may be on the road: a school bus, speed limit signs, stop lights, cars actually going a little under the speed limit. I'll just be the proactive one and will get out of their way.
  2. Use my baby's ultrasound photo as my profile photo on Facebook: Others simply don't want to see it. I have friends that have asked me not to do this far in advance to my actually getting pregnant. They say it frustrates them because they check my profile to see how I'm doing, not to see the half alien half baby that's growing in my belly. It's fine to post a picture of it, but not to be used as a daily reminder.
  3. Become obsessed about using hand sanitizer for everything: Scientific research as shown that using hand sanitizer too much actually WEAKENS the immune system. You aren't allowing the child's body the chance to learn for to fight off an infection, which unfortunately creates stronger germs. I understand the need to use it when the baby is first born. But I'm sorry. My baby is going to get dirty and get germy. That's how I grew up and I think I have a pretty awesome immune system. Let your kids get dirty every once in a while!
  4. Not allowing my kid to watch a movie because it might have a bad word or two in it: I'm not saying I'll be plopping the kid down next to me every time I want to watch The Hangover. However, I think that it's ok if a kid sees a little violence and hears words not normally spoken. I'm sorry, but you can't shield your children away from it forever. I think that you have a duty to let them know that this is pretend behavior and that it is not acceptable to imitate what they see outside the house. As long as you are crystal clear that they understand that it is pretend behavior, I don't see anything wrong with watching Predator. My husband grew up on all those 80's action movies thanks to his 3 older brothers and they all came out just fine. 
  5. Having my kid not know the meaning of the word "no": I heard no a lot growing up. There were many things I didn't get. There were many places I didn't get to go. But I obviously survived. In my line of work, I have seen too many kids that have absolutely no regard for someone telling them no. I see a lot of these stupid teen reality shows filled with spoiled brats who feel like they are entitled to everything. I see college students who are the same way. I'm telling you right now, when Mama says no, she means no. It is not subject to discussion or interpretation. The only way I may bend on this is when they become older and can present a logical case for defense to be determined by a neutral third party. 
This is all I've come up with so far. I'm sure the list will grow as I go along, but this is what I've been pretty adamant about long before I even became pregnant.

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  1. Can I add -No pee stick photos on FB. While I admit to having taken a picture of ours and it will go in the baby book (the picture not the stick) for me it's not something you really need to show the world. We get "I'm pregnant" without a picture of the stick you peed on.

    While obviously I haven't had my baby yet I already refuse to be one of those mom's that say "I didn't use that (insert baby item here) so you shouldn't register for it." Um. Last I checked all people are different. Do you really need to go down my registry and tell me what things you don't like? Just don't buy them, hell don't buy me anything if you don't want to I'll make it, I promise. :)

    I also refuse to be one of those mom's that say the sex of my child is better than the opposite sex. I don't know why it irks me but I hate to see mom's say "OMG - Boys are so much better than girls, or Girls are so much more fun." Obviously whatever your kid is your going to like it the best. I think once Austyn is here I'm just going to tell people "Austyn is better than your kid." That's what they mean anyways right? LOL

    Other than that my list is very similar to yours. I'm sure yours will grow as you go too. :)