Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 weeks in Krispy Kreme?

So, here I am, in my 9th week. I can't really say that I "feel" pregnant at this point. I just look like I haven't said no to snacks in a while. I'm bloated (I'm assuming) so nothing is fitting like it should. Although, I do find it awesome that it's completely acceptable to wear my pants unbuttoned and a little unzipped. I think after I have this kid, I'm going to be sad about having to do that again. I could care less about the "attention" that is now being poured onto my newborn. I just want to wear my fat girl pants just a little bit longer.

I have already had my first completely rude and inappropriate comment. A customer in the bank, after finding out I was pregnant, she replied, "Oh, so that's why your butt is so big." Le sigh.

Of course, I'm chalking all of this up to my impatience. Looking back, I think I found out too soon. Now, time is DRAGGING by. Of course, basically that week was when a lot of symptoms started showing up. So I really couldn't not find out sooner or later. I definitely would have found out 2 weeks later when the nausea kicked in. Impatience is my vice, although right now, I'll call it my virtue.

Something that isn't turning out to be so awesome is that my mind thinks of these amazing food ideas...and I eat it...and it's not so great. My stomach aches, I get gassy and then I spend the rest of the evening cursing myself for thinking the food was a good idea. Arroz con pollo today is being a jerk. I normally LOVE that dish. But tonight, it is not being very agreeable with my insides. Which means, later tonight, it's not going to be agreeable on the outside. Oh well. I am thankful though that this baby and my digestive system dig Italian food, mainly anything with carbs and heavy sauce. The Spicy Italian at Subway seriously tastes like it was made by Jesus himself. I'm just saying.

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